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At the Center of Health + Data

In the heartland of innovation, Kansas City boasts a powerhouse of over 100 pioneering companies and a network of 25,000 seasoned professionals dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare.

The transformation of healthcare into the digital era demands more than just technology—it requires profound expertise in care dynamics, financial frameworks, and data analytics.

At Digital Health KC, we’re the catalysts for this evolution. We nurture fledgling startups and empower industry titans, all while enticing new digital health enterprises to make Kansas City their home.

We’re not just connecting dots but forging pathways for ideas, talent, capital, and customers to converge, propelling healthcare innovation forward with unmatched momentum. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare, one breakthrough at a time.

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Our Mission

Digital Health KC is a community initiative that seeks to build organizations and companies to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges. We do that through the power of healthcare and information technology.

Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare delivery in the Kansas City region through cutting-edge technology and collaboration.

In our About Us video, we invite you to discover who we are, what drives us, and our vision for the future of healthcare. Join us as we explore the transformative potential of digital health solutions and our commitment to achieving positive outcomes for our community.

Target Outcomes for the KC region

Dream it.

Enable 10 digital health unicorns

Build it.

Become a top 3 place to start, expand, and retain digital health businesses

Grow it.

Extend the digital health ecosystem to 125+ companies

Featured News

To advance the KC region’s digital health cluster, Digital Health KC will unite KC companies at HLTH 2023 to connect critical ecosystem elements to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges.

HLTH 2023 is a conference curated to accelerate innovation across the healthcare ecosystem, bringing together executives, influencers, and clinicians to drive change within the industry and beyond.