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Lumi Awards | Powered by Digital Health KC

Illuminate Excellence

The Digital Health KC awards recognize outstanding contributions in the digital health industry through three distinguished categories. This program is designed to spotlight excellence, innovation, and impact within the digital health sector in the KC region.

We unveil the award recipients at our highly anticipated inaugural annual event.

The award categories are:

Digital Pioneer Award:
Recognizes a leader who consistently contributes to and excels in the digital health industry. Examples include individuals who contribute to the growth of the digital health ecosystem and act as leaders, collaborators, researchers, or mentors, making a significant difference and inspiring others. 

Impact and Influence Award:
Acknowledges an individual or organization who has built a successful company and demonstrated a commitment to community impact, mentorship, and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

Company Growth Award:
Highlights growth companies that can quantify their achievements through year-over-year revenue, employee growth, client acquisition, investment, and other relevant factors. 

Corporate Visionary Award:
Celebrates a visionary leader within a corporation who demonstrates exceptional foresight, innovation, and strategic thinking in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the digital health industry. Recipients of this award inspire and motivate their teams to embrace change, challenge the status quo, and pursue ambitious goals, ultimately shaping the direction and success of their company in profound ways.